The San Miguel Castle is an impressive construction of 6,000 square metres and made of Canarian canto stone, with principal towers of more than 16 metres in height and an extensive area of 20,000 square metres .From the moment you enter the grounds, you find yourself in an authentic medieval world.

The entrance is decorated with historical armour, swords, chests and scrolls of the medieval epoch. The Count, Don Rodrigo, and his daughter, the young Countess, will greet you and welcome you to their Castle. The kind subjects of Count Rodrigo will guide you to the Tournament Hall, where the complex show of medieval fights and games will take placein the presence of the Counts in their Royal box seats.

During the Tournament, you will be served the banquet just as it was done in medieval times; The soup is drunk and an entire chicken per person with its garnish is eaten by hand.The dinner is completed with dessert and beverages.

The Count´s guests are seated in stands of long tables and benches where the visibility is optimal from anywhere in the Tournament Hall. The sand arena where the horses and knights will perform is of 50 metres in long.

The Hall has a capacity of 1100 guests.Usually after the Tournaments, the guests move to adjourn to a second hall which has a capacity for 800 guests.

The Ballroom, as Count Rodrigo calls it, has a large stage where the guests can dance, where any type of performance can be arranged: Orchestra, Comedians, Acrobatics, Spanish Ballet, etc. 

You'll do

In the castle of Count Don Rodrigo you will witness an authentic knights equestrian tournament, while having a feast in medieval style.

Other Details

Opening days: Tuesdays, Thusdays and Saturdays.

Opening time: 18:30 p.m. the show starts at 19:30 p.m. and finishes at 21.15 p.m.
Included: Lunch + white and red wine, orange juice and mineral water.


Cream of fresh vegetables soup with cheese pieces

Fillet of chicken breast in its juice with baby carrots, baked potateos and mushroom sauce

Icecream cake with chocolate syrup

Red and white house wine, fizzy orange and water all served throughout the medieval show


Price List

Adults Children (3 - 13) Infants (0 - 2)
Show + Cena
42.75 €
24.30 €
0.00 €
Show + Dinner + Bus
53.10 €
31.05 €
7.50 €
Show + Dinner (Vip)
51.75 €
28.80 €
0.00 €
Show + Dinner + Bus (Vip)
62.10 €
35.54 €
7.50 €

Clients Reviews


    EMM: 11/03/2023

    We went on two excursions, our friends three. The Island tour was wonderful! Just one downfall - our guide told us at each stop, we had to use the cafe’s for the loos as there weren’t any public toilets. However, this meant most of our stops were spent in cafe’s instead of enjoying the areas interesting bits. And most places did indeed have public loos, so unnecessary purchases made and unnecessary time waisted. These excursions usually have elderly people with needs, and these were not taken into account.



    Good show. I liked everything. Big minus - could not find the stop of the Shuttle to the show. In the end I had to go by taxi. I think that the organizers could send a map with the route from the hotel to the bus stop in the mail.



    Show to enjoy with children between 9 and 14 years who like medieval battles, good actors enliven the evening dinner and after