Our excursion will take you to enjoy this magical day accompanied by a guide who will explain the traditional carpet making. Later we will visit Puerto de La Cruz with some free time before our return to the south of the island. If you are lucky enough to visit Tenerife during these days, you can't miss it!
The feast of Corpus Christi has its historical origin in the year 1264, when it was established by Pope Urban IV, in order to commemorate and praise the miracle of the Eucharistic Consecration. It is anthropologically related to the cyclical evolution of the seasons, with the arrival of spring in which the renewal of nature takes place. The implementation of the Corpus Christi festivity in the Canary Islands took place at the same time as the conquest, so that all the populations of the Canary Archipelago have been celebrating the Consecration of the Formas ever since.
This festivity has been celebrated in La Orotava since its origins as a town, but it began to gain renown in 1847 when some members of the Monteverde family, under the inspiration of Leonor del Castillo, made a carpet of flowers to celebrate the passing of the Corpus Christi processions in front of their private house. Carpets are one of the most representative artistic manifestations of these festivities. Carpets of flowers and volcanic sands are made for the celebration of Corpus Christi, on its eighth day. 

You'll do

Making tapestries with flowers and volcanic sand in the traditional streets of La Orotava.

Other Details

Date: 06.06.24
Difficulty: medium 
Note: It is advisible to wear comfortable footwear due to the complex orography of the Villa de la Orotava. Because its slopes and cobble-stoned streets we recommend you avoid heels and shoes that slide easily.


  • The tour starts once all participants are on the bus.
  • Pick-ups can involve transfers to other buses.
  • Pick up will be at the closest meeting point to your hotel.
  • This tour may be subject changes to itinerary and timetable due to adverse weather conditions.


Suitable for people with disabilities or with reduced mobility.

A máximum of 2 wheelchairs per bus.

Priority seats on the front of the bus.

The degree of disability must allow the person to get on the bus assisted by an accompanying person.

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Adults Children (2- 11) Infants (0 - 1)

Clients Reviews


    DEVRIENDT: 23/06/2022

    Great busdriver and extreme friendly guide ! Congratulations


    PEGGY BELIS: 23/06/2022

    Dear, the most of the people are from Belgium so many found it stupid that it was the last language that Peter speaks. He did it in 4 languages and maybe he had could asked of the other ones understands English it will be a lot faster. Than we stoped in Puerto de La Cruz and nobody understands why because only for 1 drink and then only left 2 hours for Corpus Christi what is was way to short. Best regards Peggy Belis


    LYNN FIGG: 12/06/2015

    The tour included Puerto De La Cruz, we had 1 hour 15 minutes there, by the time you get your bearings its not enough time to find your way round and get a coffee. La Orotava 2 hours 15 minutes. Again not enough time to see the flowers and sand carpets and get some lunch,despite dire warnings from the tour guide NOT to take sandwiches. We saw a fraction of what we were hoping to see as there was just not enough time. Needs a stop of at least 4 hours, this was extremely disappointing as seeing the flowers was the whole point of this trip. Tour guide quite rude and condescending, and kept making weird cat meowing noises. We did have a bonus stop in Candelaria, but even that was only 30 minutes and again not enough time to really do anything by the time you walk to the Basilica, why could we not be given an extra 30 minutes for La Orotava? that was the point of the trip and what we had paid for. If I ever took another trip with Atlantico I would want to be assured that it was not the same tour guide as he was actually very unpleasant.