Pasión is a show of Spanish Dance and Flamenco directed by Eva Rodríguez.

In the first part of the show you will be able to see the Classical and Spanish Dances such as La Boda de Luis Alonso, La Vida Breve and Pasodoble. In the second part the purest Flamenco will be

represented with live singing and guitar, a love story going through the styles of tangos, alegrías and soleares among others, a show full of color and passion.

You'll do

Enjoy the wonderful show of Spanish dance and flamenco directed by Eva Rodríguez in Tenerife south.

Other Details

Location: Coliseum, Aldea Blanca, San Miguel-Sala annexed to the Castle.

The duration of the show is 1:30h divided into two parts.

Price List

Adults Children (3-13) Infants (0-2)
Entrance Ticket
29.00 €
18.00 €
0.00 €
Vip zone
34.00 €
21.00 €
0.00 €
Ticket Entrance + Bus
41.00 €
26.00 €
8.00 €
Entrance Ticket Vip zone + Bus
46.00 €
29.00 €
8.00 €

Clients Reviews


    YINDI HU: 29/12/2023

    When booking online, I hope you can update and provide more accurate information about whether each item still has a place. I am often told that there is no place after paying for the reservation. Overall, your service is satisfactory and I had a great holiday. Thank you very much and best regards!