A visit to the summit of Mt Teide by cable car offers a great view of the spectacular landscape of the Canary Islands' largest national park. Its special climate, altitude and volcanic formations are an invitation to contemplation and enjoyment of a special moment you will remember all your life. Visiting Teide volcano is always different: the effects of the light as the day wears on, the seasons and their changing weather patterns make for a new and surprising landscape. Yet two sensations remain unchanged: the immensity of the landscape and the stunning silence. Teide is at its most emblematic at sunrise and sunset. The spectacularity of these moments is orchestrated by the changing tones of the sky and the light reflecting off the rocks. This is why we recommend you visit early in the morning, from 9 am on, when the views are at their most impressive. Spring is the best time to visit Teide. Flowering broom and tajinaste blanket the vast landscape in an explosion of red and white. The weather is milder, just right for enjoying routes and trails. It is the perfect time for botany enthusiasts. Winter snows cover the lava flows and badlands in a mantle of white. Large pools reflect a landscape of contrasts of extraordinary beauty. Many visitors are fortunate to catch a glimpse of the first snowfall. When evening comes, the impressive shadow of the volcano descends upon everything, projecting over the sea. Night-time is one of the national park's greatest attractions when the sky fills with stars. One of the five most important astrophysics observatories in the world is located here: the Observatorio del Teide. For the Guanches, the primitive settlers of Tenerife, Mt Teide was a sacred volcano, comparable to Mt Fuji, Mt Olympus and Mt Kilimanjaro.

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The Teide Cable Car will take you up a few meters from the peak of the highest point in Spain. Enjoy the immensity of the landscape.

Other Details

Volcano Teide anti COVID-19 protective measures

  • Compulsory use of masks
  • Compulsory disinfecting of hands before entering the cabin and facilities
  • Minimum social distancing requirement
  • Temperature-taking before entering the cabin
  • Footwear cleansing mats
  • Limited capacity in each area of our facilities
  • Limited cabin seating capacity of 50%
  • Regular disinfection throughout the day
  • Cabin ventilation
  • Trained and properly equipped staff
  • Digitalised audio guides, brochures and other physical resources

Those customers who want to visit the Cable Car on our Teide National Park tour must select "Ticket for excursion"

Restrictions: People with heart problems, pregnant women, and children under 3 are not allowed to ascend by cable car due to the risk that high altitude poses to their health. If you have any health problems, consult your doctor before planning your visit or booking your Mount Teide Cable Car tickets.
In accordance with current regulations, persons with any physical disability or motor impairment are not permitted to make the ascent by cable car, because of the potential risks if the vehicle has to be evacuated.
It is essential to bear in mind that in the event of the failure of the cable car system due to unexpected technical reasons, passengers already at the upper station will have to make their descent on foot and using steep mountain paths.

Important: Cable Car at Sunset Schedule

SEPTEMBER 2018: 07:15 pm from 1st to 11th |  07:00 pm from 12th to 24th | 06:45 pm from 25th to 30th.

OCTOBER 2018: 06:45 pm from 1st to 7th |  06:30 pm from 8th to 21st | 06:15 pm from 22nd to 27th | 05:15 pm from 28th to 31st.

NOVEMBER 2018: 05:15 pm from 1st to 11th | 05:00 pm from 12th to 30th.

DECEMBER 2018: 05:00 pm from 1st to 21st |  05:15 pm from 22nd to 31st.


Cable car tickets are valid for 1 year if they have not been exchanged at the ticket office. Any change of date or cancellation must be effected within a period of no more than 30 days from the date of the initial booking. Up to 3 date changes are permitted. The date and time of the Teide Cable Car tickets booked but unused because of the closure of the Teide Cable Car’s facilities due to adverse weather conditions can be changed free of charge up to 30 minutes prior to the original booking.  

No charges shall apply to requests for cancellation that are motivated by the closure of the Cable Car due to weather conditions. For reservations made but not exchanged, TELEFÉRICO will charge a cancellation fee of €6 for round-trip tickets and €3 for one-way tickets, per person not exchanged.

Since the operation of the Cable Car is subject to the changing weather (wind speed, temperature, etc.), on occasions, the estimated boarding time may be delayed. If the closure of the facilities due to adverse weather conditions or technical reasons causes a delay of at least 90 minutes in relation to the booked time, the full refund of the amount may be requested free of charge provided that the tickets have not been used.

Price List

Adults Children (3-13) Infants (NO)
Cable Car Ticket + Audioguide
39.50 €
18.50 €
0.00 €
Cable Car Sunset Ticket
60.00 €
45.00 €
0.00 €
Ruta guiada al Pico Viejo
49.00 €
30.50 €
0.00 €
Ticket +Teide Tour from the South area
63.00 €
31.50 €
0.00 €
Ticket +Teide Tour from Puerto de la Cruz
63.00 €
31.50 €
0.00 €
Ascent to the peak with bus from the South area
91.50 €
45.75 €
0.00 €
Ascent to the Peak with bus from Puerto de la Cruz
91.50 €
45.75 €
0.00 €

Clients Reviews


    JAN EGGENS: 07/10/2016

    we hebben kaartjes gekocht voor de kabelbaan om snel in te stappen en niet in de rij te hoeven staan. We moesten ons 30 minuten voor die tijd melden en moesten dus toch nog een half uur in de rij staan ! Maar gelukkig niet zo lang als de mensen die nog een kaartje moesten kopen..... Er werden 40 mensen in de cabine gepropt, er konden officieel 44 mensen in. De kaarten zijn 1 uur geldig werd ons verteld, maar omdat wij ook nog toestemming hadden om naar de krater te klimmen, mochten wij toch nog een kwartiertje langer blijven. Op de terugweg werden de kaartjes niet gecontroleerd en eigenlijk is 1 uur lang genoeg als je niet naar de krater gaat.