Set sail on a luxury yacht or sailboat to encounter the whales and dolphins who have made their home in these waters.

Enjoy a personalized shared tour with no more than 12 passengers on board while taking in the beautiful views of the Tenerife southern coast.

During the trip, light refreshments and drinks will be available. There will be time to go snorkeling in a secluded bay, where turtles have their natural habitat.

You'll do

Do you want a yacht, or a luxury sailboat? Shared, or private for you and yours? You choose.

Other Details

Daily departures, shared sailing trip on a sailboat at 9:45 and 13:00.

Daily departures, shared boat trip on the Blue Boy yacht at 10:30 and 13:30.

Address: Avenida de Colon, 38660 Puerto Colòn, pantalan number 7.

You must present 15 minutes before the tour.

Free transfer available from hotels in the southern zone.

Shared sailings and boat trips departures include snacks and drinks on board.

3-hour private charter includes snacks and drinks on board.

4-hour and 6-hour private charters include lunch and drinks on board.

Boat capacity:
Gran Azor sailboat: maximum capacity of 9 people.
Pecazul sailboat: maximum capacity of 11 people.
Blue Boy Yacht: maximum capacity of 12 people.

Certifications: Blue Flag

This ship has a Blue Flag. The observation of cetaceans is currently an exceptionally important tourist activity and generally represents, for the majority of people who undergo this experience, their first contact with marine mammals. In the Canary Islands, the observation of cetaceans for tourist purposes is regulated by Decree 178/2000 of 6 September 2000.

Price List

Adults Children (2 - 10) Infants (0 - 1)
Shared Sailing - 3h
65.00 €
55.00 €
40.00 €
Private Charter 3h - Sail Boat Gran Azor
495.00 €
0.00 €
0.00 €
Private Charter 3h - Sail Boat Pecazul
595.00 €
0.00 €
0.00 €
Private Charter 6h - Sail Boat Gran Azor
935.00 €
0.00 €
0.00 €
Private Charter 6h - Sail Boat Pecazul
1095.00 €
0.00 €
0.00 €