Enjoy the fun of tree different rides.

Single or double....ParascendingJoin us flying along the coast with a parachute at a height of 50 metres and enjoying incredible views.

Aboard of a magnificent modern boat of 11 metres provided with a take off and Landing platform. Our crew will guide you through this fascinating experience completely safe and comfortable.

Fly FishA new kind of joy on (and over) the waves. Looks more like an inflatable mattress, but... when the speed tops the limit, this fish will fly!

A game of hydro and aerodynamics for one or two. Get high on it - it's legal. X-treme sensation!

JetBike Safari 2hours.If what you like is speed and adrenaline hire and drive in company with one of our jet bikes.

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Included: Life Jacket, Snorkelling Equipment, Insurance, Monitor.