We offer excursions adapted for people with reduced mobility or disability.


We have adapted buses with a maximum capacity of up to 15 people, which allow up to 3 manual wheelchairs. These buses have a manually foldable ramp at the rear of the vehicle, which facilitates the access of the chairs to the vehicle.


Enjoy a private excursion with family or friends, choosing between the different routes available.


An excursion adapted to everyone's accessibility.

More details

Depending on the number of wheelchairs (manual) the capacity of the bus is the following:

* 1 Wheelchair + 13 seats: 14 passengers.

* 2 wheelchairs + 11 seats: 13 passengers.

* 3 Wheelchairs + 7 seats: 10 passengers.  


Please indicate in the reservation observations the total number of passengers and the number of wheelchairs.