An unforgettable experience for everyone, a chance to see beyond the horizon and be part of something great!


The Universe is open to you while on the excursion with the Travel Tenerife team. They will take you up on Mount Teide and show you the night sky like you've never seen before. With their professional telescopes and astrophotography equipment you will be able to see the planets of our Solar system, distant galaxies, nebulas, clusters and so much more! Knowledgable guides will explain the observations to you, tell you amazing stories and facts about our universe as well as show you how to take breathtaking astro pictures with your camera and even a cell phone through their telescopes.


The evening will start with solar observations and the most magnificent view of the Sunset from mount Teide celebrated with a glass of champagne and commemorative photos. A warm Italian meal with red wine and refreshments will then follow before we move further up Teide to begin the night sky observations. Chosen as the most luxurious excursion by the Luxury Travel Guide, the Stargazing Experience covers everything: direct hotel pickups in 9 seater cars, an Italian meal with red wine and refreshments, polar jackets and blankets, tea and coffee are given to keep you warm while making observations as well as champagne to celebrate your discoveries!


You will also get commemorative pictures of yourselves with the sunset and the telescopes which are available to download for free!!! Children are welcome! Travel Tenerife makes sure there are enough telescopes and guides to make your experience the most pleasurable!

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Included: Direct pick up and drop off, Italian meal, wine, refreshments, tea, coffee, champagne, jackets/blankets, commemorative pictures

Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


If a client cancels less than 24 hours before the pick-up time then no refund will be given. If a client does not show up at the meeting point of if they cancel after departure, no refund will be given.