Masca is one of the most picturesque parts of the island and is situated in the northwest, at the foot of the Teno mountains. It`s quite complicated to reach this beautiful village, but the trip is well worth it, because it will take you through deep ravines filled with lush flora and stunning views. The natural beauty of this amazing village will leave you breathless. Until recently it was virtually unknown but today it has become a center of attraction for tourists visiting the island. The village atmosphere is magical and the houses hanging by a thread in the narrow ridges of its spectacular rock formations. It is certainly a dream for any photographer. Famous for being a den of pirates, the small Bay of Masca is about three hours’ walk from the village, through an incredible landscape. You have to remember that, once down to Masca, you will have to walk back (which requires more time) or take our boat Top Class Tours from the coast to Los Gigantes.