Discover, in the heart of Valle de La Orotava, La Granja Verde. An area of 10,000 square metres in which to enjoy a different way of farming, livestock (animal breeding) and gastronomy of the islands. THE FARM is a showcase of agriculture and livestock in the Canaries. Over 150 crops and a broad representation of indigenous livestock breeds. Come and enjoy a camel or pony rideThe farm is the undisputed star of the project La Granja Verde. It is a thematic farm with a large representation of Canarian animal purebreds and with an important horticultural plantation showing the past and present of the agricultural culture of the Canary Islands.More than 150 different types of crops and 16 animal breeds that for many will undoubtedly be a revelation. GASTRONOMY plays an important role in La Granja Verde , with two restaurants a la carte very different from each other, but with one thing in common, they serve the produce from their own farm. Contemporary cuisine with local produce as the main star.